6 Reasons Why Talkado is Conducting an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

It is already out in the news that Talkado has launched an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), but what most people don’t understand, is the meaning of an IEO.

What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering is usually performed on the cryptocurrency exchange platform instead of the issuer’s platform. It is a technique used by most crypto platforms to raise funds.

Initial Exchange offerings are usually managed by an exchange platform on behalf of the start-up looking to raise funds.

Now, the question is:
Why did Talkado opted for Initial Exchange offering?

As a platform, Talkado has a lot of projects to execute, as part of measures to ensure Talkado coin becomes one of the top crypto coins in the market. Adopting Initial Exchange Offering will thus

Provide funds for future Development of the Talkado Platform.

Talkado is a long-term project that has its goal fixed on helping the fight against climate change and mitigating humanitarian crises globally.
Talkado will soon be launching an NFT Multivendor Marketplace, where vendors can buy and sell their digital products with ease.
To help accelerate future development on the platform, adopting the IEO approach is the best bet.

Increase Liquidity on Pancakeswap

Funds raised via IEO will help boost Talkado’s Liquidity on Pancakeswap. This is important at this early stage, as Talkado coin has been stabilized in the market. An early indication of Coin holders trying to sell rather than HODL, may gradually deplete the Liquidity, and this is not healthy for the stability of the Talkado coin hence the need to boost our Liquidity via the adoption of IEO.

Increase investors wallet holders

Talkado currently has less than 1000 wallet holders and the number keeps increasing daily. Adopting IEO will help increase the number of investors' wallet holders, as the IEO market has a lot of visibility. When the number of investor wallet holders increases, it will make Talkado more viable and stronger hence the need to adopt the IEO Technique.

Become more attractive to the crypto lovers

Initial Exchange offering has become the main attraction among crypto lovers and investors. Binance and Bittrex were among the early adopters of IEO, and they have created a real buzz around the IEO market.

Increase volume of Transaction

The volume of transactions is so important when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, as it either affects the coin price negatively or positively. Talkado's adoption of the IEO approach will help to increase our volume of transactions, which will bring long-term benefits to TALK Coin holders in the long run.

Give us more funds for Marketing

There is an urgent need to deepen our marketing as we move ahead in unveiling more of our projects. Funds raised from IEO will thus help in this regard. Thus, the need for Talkado to adopt the IEO approach in moving forward.
Talkado Coin can be purchased from the IEO launchpad. Check the link on the Talkado Website.

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Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.

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Talkado Protocol

Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.