Talkado NFT Is Set For The Biggest Stage

So much positive vibes feedbacks have been received from community members as Talkado NFT Initial minting gets ready to commence on the 07th March 2022, following the Presale whitelisting scheduled for 15th of Feb 2022 to 2nd March 2022. The impending launch of the Talkado NFT Initial Minting has been topping of the list of milestone project to be initiated this 1st Quarter, and Talkado has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure it is successful.

At the forefront of the forthcoming Talkado NFT Initial Minting is the need to promote the sustainability of the green energy initiatives, by abandoning the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles, which have been known to cause greenhouse gas emissions.

To this end, Talkado will be giving out a brand-new Tesla Model S (worth $100,000) to a lucky winner as part of our NFT Initial minting event at 100% completion of sales.

The choice of Tesla brand of car is well suited to our vision and goal to help fight climate change in all ramifications. In a 2020 Impact report by Tesla, it was confirmed that Tesla “helped accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by avoiding 5.0 million metric tons of CO2e emissions”.

Tesla latest brand of cars are adopting zero-emissions lifestyles by using solar energy systems, battery storage, and all-electric vehicles, Tesla is also installing sustainable energy systems at our own facilities to utilize renewable energy generation and storage where possible.

The Talkado NFT Initial minting is real, and the Whitelisting would commence as planned (15/02/2022). Stay tuned for more information via all our social media platforms and get ready to enter the biggest NFT Minting events within the crypto niche market.

You may be that lucky winner to go home with a brand-new Tesla S electric-powered car worth over $100,000. It is one of the safest and fastest electric cars on the road at 199.5 mph.

The possibilities are endless, and Talkado NFT is set to make all these dreams a reality. Join us as we journey to the moon!!!

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Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.

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Talkado Protocol

Talkado Protocol

Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.

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