After the successful listing of Talkado coin on both CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the Talkado Community. The excitement is quite understandable, as members are anticipating what’s next for the Talkado brand.

The answer is not far-fetched, and in a quiet but coded hint about what to expect in the coming days, the Talkado Team uploaded a poll in the Talkado Telegram group two days ago:

It came in the form of a question thrown to members: “Next move is the Talkado NFT Marketplace. We will present rare special Founder Edition NFT’s at a private sale. Buyers will be able to sell at Talkado Marketplace or at Opensea. How many of these Founder Edition NFT’s should we offer at the private sale”?

The options given were as follows 100, 200, 300, and 1000. At the end of the poll, the members unanimously choose 1000. This is an open indication of the readiness of the Talkado community in embracing the Talkado NFT Marketplace.

The first step in the process of launching the Talkado NFT Marketplace would be the unveiling of the Talkado NFT Initial offer. This would help create the necessary buzz that would attract investors to the platform. The Talkado NFT Initial offer will also help raise the needed funds that will help accelerate the implementation of the Talkado NFT Marketplace.

Talkado NFT Multivendor marketplace, which is a major component of the TALKADO Protocol, has been envisaged to supercharge the Talkado ecosystem via creating Transaction volumes within the ecosystem, as the TALK Coin will be used as a means of payment, rewards, and deposits on Talkado NFT platform.

The Talkado NFT Marketplace will be embedding features that have never been seen in the NFT niche market, and this will obviously impact positively on the Talkado coin, which is the main driver of the NFT Platform. The massive injection of transactions within the platform will instantly add value to the TALK Coin and create a higher demand for the Talkado Coin.

In the coming days, more information about the Talkado NFT Marketplace would be released to the community members via all our social media platforms. Kindly stay tuned and anticipate the biggest launch of our product ever imagined. It's going to be huge and groundbreakingly!!!

Learn More About the Project :

❤️HOTBIT — Coming Soon




Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.

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Talkado Protocol

Talkado Protocol

Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, effortless, and frictionless high-yield aggregation protocol.

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